#AMagnificentLIFE – reviews

WOW Lea! Just finished the book! What a journey! Powerful! Not only are you blessed but you have blessed and helped so many people! You are a wonderful YOU!!! Deeply touched by your story!!!
-K. Tripp – Royal LePage

Just to let you know that I truly loved your book!!!  You are a very strong and brave woman! You deserve a magnificent life! It is an “unputdownable” book! It is well-written with a nice flow between present and past.  Thanks again! I will recommend it to all my friends who will be visiting this summer.

Mariette – Bancroft

I just finished reading your book! Man, I don’t even know what to say…I want to apologize for what life’s thrown at you but I also want to give you a running start high five because you absolutely rocked through it all!

Christopher Ching- Toronto

Just finished reading your book…Amazing JOB! Couldn’t put it down – when are you doing a cross country book promotion tour?

Judd Lee – Calgary

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A Magnificent Life – my journey to the Hill


How does one change a potentially ruined life into a magnificent life? Lea Kitler says, “It’s up to you—create your own reality!”

At a young age, the author loses both parents and tries to look after her siblings as best she can. Determined to not succumb to despair, Lea begins to create her own reality. She works at a number of jobs over the years, learning valuable lessons as she goes along.

Finally, she is able to purchase a property that she names “The Hill.” And then, in a position to help others to follow their dreams, her life becomes truly magnificent.

This story of Lea’s journey, in which she shares forty years of experience, lifts the spirits and gives one hope.

– Jane Karchmar

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A wet summer – brings a late but healthy harvest!

With all the rain we have had this year – we are now starting to see some growth in the veggie fields.

Veggies Bags include: lettuce, kale, chard, dill, basil, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, beans and pick your own quart of raspberries.

Order your $40. veggies bag by Friday and pick up on the Hill – Saturday August 16/14 – While supplies last.




On the Homestead: Now that we’re living off the land, I need to know: Can we grow chocolate?


When I decided to take six months away from my job as a photo editor at the National Post and spend that time at home on Magnificent Hill to take on the Zero Mile Diet with my partner Lea, I must not have been thinking straight. Basically, the Zero Mile Diet involves eating only what you grow or raise on your property. So, no coffee, no Diet Pepsi and no chocolate for six months!

Betsey and Daisy have finally arrived on the Hill. Our new Dexter cows will give us milk so we can make butter and cheese, have milk to drink and, one day, have beef to eat. We need all of that now, that and fresh vegetables. We’ve only been on our Zero Mile Diet for one week, and if the scales don’t lie, I’ve lost five pounds. My energy level is good but my cravings are piling up on top of each other. I miss my Diet Pepsi and chocolate a lot. Though I’ve never been a big coffee drinker, I do miss my morning mug of buzz! Withdrawals were severe the first three days without caffeine, with extreme headaches, muscle cramps, and, as Lea will tell you, crankiness.

I stood in our garden yesterday looking at little seedlings starting to shoulder their way out of the garden beds, becoming more aware of how I have taken for granted the food that was so readily available to me in the past. Now as I see blooming plants ( a sign of produce to come), I find it hard to sit near the garden in anticipation of sugary tomatoes, crisp lettuce, crunchy cucumber as my stomach growls. I now understand that I’m on the vegetables’ terms now, and of course the weather’s. A complete 180 has happened as to who is in charge now. We never really wasted food in this house but we’re already much more vigilant on that score.

But I am very thankful for all the help we are getting from woofers, friends and family. My niece Emily is still with us and has been an amazing help with the animals. Our German woofer alumnist, Hilke, has arrived with her boyfriend, Stefan, and they hit the farm running, by removing boulders from the fields. We have an intern arriving this week, who will hopefully take over some of my everyday management tasks so I can concentrate more on other projects, such as getting the fencing up to keep Betsey and Daisy in.

Enough of writing this blog, I have to go feed Betsey and Daisy so that my dream of having fresh butter to spread on my morning toast doesn’t stay a dream!

The Winter that was


I wanted to take some time to go through our winter photos and put up a gallery of our crazy busy winter.  It seems like it went really fast and though I love winter, I am glad that it’s almost over!  Please enjoy this slideshow, I think you’ll see how much fun we had over the season.

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